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The Ideal Relationship

Our primary goal is to cultivate an exceptional experience through education and collaboration with our clients and their other professionals. Our Ideal Clients appreciate professional advice and our client-first philosophy. Most, but not all, tend to be financially conservative, passionate about their work and others, socially active, and fall into one of these three categories:


Chris Client is a soon-to-be-retired CPA.  His wife, Sally, is a retiring 4th grade teacher. Chris has been working for an accounting firm for the last 30 years and has recently started his own firm with a couple of partners. Chris has a large pension and various other investments.  Sally watches their three grandchildren at their home in Reading after each schoolday until the her two children pick them up.

In the summers, Chris and Sally like to travel and spend time at their vacation home in Cape Cod, entertaining friends and their extended family.  They enjoy watching Cape Cod baseball games, reading anything travel-related, and keeping up with the children and grandchildren on Facebook. Sally tends to their vegetable garden at the Cape while Chris likes to work on his ‘57 Chevy.  They both enjoy a nice dinner out, a refreshing swim, and a good neighborhood walk.

Chris and Sally work together to make most, but not all, financial decisions.  Chris is most interested in how to prepare assets for their full retirement and how to sell his practice.  Sally is most concerned about how to get the most out of her state pension and how to get their children engaged in saving for their own financial futures.  They sought out a financial advisor to see when Chris should retire, how Social Security fits into their plan, how to blend their goals into one cohesive plan, and to see if they had enough money for their bi-annual summer trips to Italy with their kids and grandkids. 


Heidi Client is a recently divorced, 51-year old woman living in Lynnfield with her two, middle-school aged daughters.  She juggles a full-time, high-paying job as a Fortune 500 Executive with her daily Mom duties, receiving lots of chaperone support from her retired Mom.  She coaches her kid’s soccer teams on the weekend and is the parental liaison for her youngest daughter’s 6th grade class.  

Heidi loves to travel when her children are spending time with their Dad, hitting as many National Parks as she possibly can, while feeding her newfound passion for landscape photography.  She grew up in Lynnfield and never left, having a close-knit group of friends to rely on and travel with. She exercises regularly and moonlights as a fill-in hot yoga instructor. She also travels once per year to a New England Patriots away game with her close circle of friends.

The divorce (completed via mediation) was amicable and the children have adjusted well to the custody arrangement, but Heidi does worry about the long-term effects of the divorce on her finances.  She senses some changes coming at work and, given her high salary, wants to make sure she is doing everything she can to prepare for college, retirement, and a potential layoff. She sought out a financial advisor to see if she is saving enough for retirement, discuss what she should be thinking of post-divorce and pre-retirement, and how to best prepare for a potential career change and new business start-up.  


Paul Client is a 60% owner of a local brewery company that is ten years young.  While in their 30s, he co-founded the brewery with a high school friend, Carl. They each came from completely different backgrounds, outside of Food & Beverage.  Over the years, there have been a lot of learning experiences, but some great successes. In Year 6, the business experienced some explosive growth when their Double IPA was awarded Best in Boston.  Sales increased 61% that year and have not slowed since. The employee count is 40+ currently and the business was recently valued at $10m by a local bank.

Paul is married with three young children.  During his free time, he moonlights as the bass guitar player for a local band, but has missed their last three shows to care for his Dad, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  His spouse, Mary, works part-time as a registered nurse and spends a lot of time running the household and helping out Paul’s dad. Carl is single with no children and is concerned that there are no contingency plans in place for the brewery should something happen to Paul.  Additionally, employees have been asking Paul and Carl about a company-sponsored retirement plan. One of the key brewers recently left for a competitor and Paul realizes that he needs to step up the benefits package for his Employees.     

Paul and Mary sought out a financial advisor to discuss the brewery’s options for establishing a company retirement plan and how to establish contingency plans for their family (and Carl) in the event of Paul’s premature death or disability.  Mary also sought out college planning advice and how to best get them on the right track towards retirement.

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