Dennis's Top 5 Bucket List Items

presented by Dennis Doble, CFP

Dennis's Top 5 Bucket List Items

This time of year finds many of us making New Year’s resolutions. Often these involve groan-worthy topics such as weight loss and attempts to get more organized. Instead, what if you made a list of things that you are excited to do? I decided to get the ball rolling for us and share some of my top goals and bucket list items for the next five years. Every goal needs a deadline! 

Spend two weeks in the Italian countryside, traveling down to Spadafora, Sicily as well

Spadafora is where my mom’s Caruso side originated over one hundred years ago.  Visiting will be a great way to honor my mom’s parents, especially my grandfather who was born there. And the Italian countryside seems like a nice relaxing place to enjoy some farm, vineyard, and travel time with the family.  My blood pressure went down just thinking about it, although we may need to turn this into a bike tour so I can eat more.  

Attend the Solheim Cup (hopefully on foreign soil)

The Solheim Cup is the Ryder Cup equivalent for women’s golf (US vs Europe).  Europe holds the Cup right now and the next match is in Barcelona in 2023.  I never miss a minute of this (or the Ryder Cup) when it’s on tv. Because I really want to get my daughters into golf (and paddleball…I’ll settle for one), I’d really love for them to soak up this awesome event in Spain. And it’s always great re-engaging my remedial Spanish skills from the 6th-12th grades. 

Complete my first “wall-worthy” landscape painting

I dabble in subpar, self-taught, amateur painting when time allows for it. My goal here is simply to complete one landscape painting that Val deems “wall-worthy.” There are a bunch of half-completed canvases in the basement collecting dust.  

Design and build my own home

This one will prove to be the toughest yet it’s something I’ve always wanted to tackle. I really want to start from scratch with a home. I’ve taken so many notes over the years on how the perfectly designed home would look if given a clean slate. I think my friends that have done this will eventually talk me out of it. Hah. 

Family horseback ride

My daughters love horses, so I think a family horseback ride might happen relatively soon (thank you, horse camp).  Just having the entire family on horseback will make my daughters so happy.  See the way Val is getting ready for this challenge.  

What’s on your bucket list?

Hopefully my list got you thinking more about some fun goals for your future. Please share your top bucket list items with us here and we’ll do our best to hold you accountable. We love hearing about your goals. Happy New Year!


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